Comparing New World Explorers


John Cabot
Juan Ponce de Leon
Jacques Cartier
FranciscoVasquez deCoronado
Robert deLa Salle
  • born in Italy in 1451 in Genoa
He was a shop keeper in Venice ltaly King henery the 7th gave john cabot perrmisson to explore the unknown Land.
he whated to find the fountain of youth.
he whated to find gold for the gods.and be gifted.
He saild around the tip of south America.
he was a noble men and was rich,and he knew the governor of mexico.
in 1609 he was a english sea captain.
Louis the 14th gave him permission to go to mississippi river.

  • king Ferdi nand and queen lsabella gave him permisson
king henry the 7th gave him the perrmison to be a explorer.
queen elizibeth sent him to find the fountain of youth to give it to queen elizibeth.
he was an aztec and he belived in gods.
he whated to find an underwater
he wanted to claim land for Spain
a company hired him to be a sailer.
the french king gave him a fine 200 men to go with him

  • he wanted to find gold and claim land for Spain
He found a bay called chesapeake bay.
to find the foutain of youth.
he found gold to cuba and saild to mexico city
he saild around 1544 to south america.
to seek glory and gold for his land
he want to find land at the hudson river
he wanted to explore the mississippi river.

born 1456 sail 1492
born in italy in1488
born in 1555
1480 born in cuba.
born 1521
between 1540 and 1542 francisco took the route to mexico.
in 1609 henry hudson found the river of hudson.
in 1682 robert de la salle claim the river for france.

Route of
  • they whated to go around the land and go to Asia.
they whated to go around spain and go to the rich citys in asia.
though the bahmas then to florida.
he went to cuba then to mexico city.
China to south America
south america to mexico.
he sailed up to a river from england.
he went though the michigan lake then went north down america .

  • They Whated to explore new land and claim.
they what to find riches in asia.
the whated the fountain of youth.
find gold to the gods
whated to find a passege to gold.
they wanted to find gold and silver for himself.
he wanted to find new land.
wanted to explore land for france.