• Comparing New World Explorers


John Cabot
Juan Ponce de Leon
Jacques Cartier
FranciscoVasquez deCoronado
Robert deLa Salle

Ferdinand Magellan

  • born in Genoa, Italy
  • born 1451
  • was about 14 when started sailing
  • as a child read stuff about Marco Polo
  • Died In 1506
  • used to be a young merchant or shopkeeper
  • Lived in Venice, Italy
  • a skilled navigator
  • setteld on the Caribbean island named Hispaniolia
  • became a military commander
  • Died in Cuba
  • living in Cuba
  • spanish nobelmen
  • experineced salior and navigator
  • a commander
  • was a noblemen
  • Dutch East India Company hired Henry Hudson
  • Is a English sea captain
  • A noblemen
  • sailed to New France
  • explored the Ohio River
  • learned American Indian languages
  • dreamed of personal wealth,French empire trading posts, forts,and settlement
  • lived Oporto Portugal
  • his parents were part of the Portugese nobility
  • he was roalty at an early age
  • Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain
  • merchants in England agreed to pay for his voyage
  • King Henry VII
  • King Ferdinand of Spain
  • american indians
  • soliders
  • French King
  • rich wife
  • Mexican Governor
  • Dutch East India Company in Holland
  • King Louis the XII
  • the Portugese service to sail
  • find a shorter route to Asia
  • Set out to find a faster and safer route to the east indies
  • To find the magic fountain
  • search for adventure and wealth
  • to search for the Northwest Passageway
  • to find the Seven Cities
  • find China
  • to claim land for the French King
  • Search for personal wealth, French empire posts, forts, and settlements
  • to beat Spain and get more land
  • left August 3, 1492 and arrived October 12, 1492
  • 1496
  • May 1497
  • June 24
  • 1513 set sail
  • 1521 returned to Florida
  • 1506 explored an island named Borinquen
  • 1519 set sail to Mexico
  • 1521 aztecs where defeated
  • 1521 Spanish explorers reached Asia
  • 1534 set sail
  • 1541
  • 1540 Spanish conquistadors marched to North America
  • 1624 the Dutch had settled in the valley
  • 1610 English merchants paid Hudson to cross the Atlantic
  • 1609 dutch asked Hudson
  • 1666 La Salle sailed to New France
  • 1681 La Salle set out to reach the Mississippi River
  • 1684 La Salle sailed to North America
  • 1505 he joined the portugese service with the fleet
  • born 1480
  • died 1521
Route of
Thay sailed southwest past the Canary Islands and across the Atlantic Ocean
  • The coast of Ierland and west of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Carribean to Puerto Rico to Florida to Puarto Rico to Cuba
  • west through the gulf of Mexico
  • followed a route up the Lawrence River
  • went through Mexico or now what is the Southwest
  • sailing around the Northern Shores of Europe and near the Arctic Circile
  • Explored the Mississippi River
  • he went East Africa and was in the Battle of Diu
  • he went twice to Mallaca wich was located in present day Malaysia
  • He found the New World
  • Opened a way for English settlers to North America
  • Explored new places
  • claimed land for Spain
  • hopped to reach China's richest
  • found the Grand Canyon and the Rio Grande Valley and Spread Christianity to American Indians
  • Find China
  • Claimed land for France
  • opening trade routes for explorers
  • giving sopportive proof thet the world is round