Comparing New World Explorers


Christopher Columbus
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  • Born in 1451
  • Genoa, Italy
  • Died in 1506
  • as a child he admired Marco Polo
  • at age 14 he became a sailor
  • His real name was Giovanni Caboto
  • He worked as a shopkeeper in Venice, Italy
  • Born in1460
  • Died in 1521
  • Born in 1485
  • Died in December 1547.
found a water
pasage to north america.
He was a nobleman but his brother got most of the family's fortune
  • A noblemen
  • sailed to New France
  • explored the Ohio River
  • learned American Indian languages
  • dreamed of personal wealth,French empire trading posts, forts,and settlement
  • he was a french nobleman
  • a fur trader
  • explored ohio river

Queen Isabella & KingFerdinand of Spain
  • Other shopkeepers in england agreed to pay for his voyage
  • King Henry VII gave him permission to set sail.
  • Christopher Columbus went with him on his first trip
  • King Ferdinand
Aztec In
french king
Coronado's rich wife, along with the governor of Mexico, paid for Coronado's expedition
  • King Louis the XII
  • borrowing money

  • His love of Marco Polo
  • To bring riches to Spain
  • To find a shorter way to Asia
To find a safer route to the "unknown land"
To find the fountian of youth
  • To find gold/treasure
to find a passage
to north america
He came to America to get Fame and wealth.He also wanted to Spread Christianity.
  • to claim land for the French King
  • Search for personal wealth, French empire posts, forts, and settlements
He wanted person weath

  • october12, 1492
  • august 3, 1492
  • May 1497
  • June 24th
  • 1506
  • 1513
  • 1493
  • 1519
  • 1521
ended 1542
  • 1540 Spanish conquistadors went to North America
  • 1609
  • 1624
  • 1610
  • 1666
  • 1684
  • 1681

Route of
Spain, Atlantic Ocean, The New World
They went north of Columbus's route toavoid land claimed by spain
cuba to florida
Cuba To Mexico
started in new mexico city
ended in north america.
  • went through Mexico or now what is the Southwest
The northern shores of europe, west across the atlantic
from New england to the mississippi valley

  • He found the new World
  • He brought back new food
  • He found new people
He found Present Day Canada
He Claimed Florida for spain
Found gold for Spain
more people from mexico moved to the united states
  • found the Grand Canyon and the Rio Grande Valley and Spread Christianity to American Indians
Gave england a claim to eastern canada
He took 200 settlers across the atlantic missed the mouth of the mississippi, and landed 500 miles away in texas.

(In the end his own men murdered him)